As Facility Managers and business professional, networking is a useful tool. However, there remains a thin line between responsible networking and becoming a pest. Calling everyone you know multiple times asking for a job can come off as being pushy and overbearing. Don’t be surprised when they begin to avoid answering your phone calls.

The good news is, you can actually achieve quite a lot through networking. It is widely believed that up to 80% of jobs are filled through networking. Generally, you can leverage the power of your networks by following the tips below:

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  1. Show genuine interest in people. Ask about them; their families, work, life and so on without getting too personal. Avoid the trap of immediately loading off your needs and problems to those in your network.
  2. Realize that people are busy. Pace your emails and phone calls. Daily calls and emails will definitely be a problem unless they are the ones asking for it. Once a week or every other week would be a good starting point.
  3. Give them a chance to respond. You send an email once, twice even thrice to the same person and you are sure they have received it, yet they did not respond. Sending even more emails will be perceived as annoying to the receiving party. It may be time to “take a hint” and give them some breathing space.
  4. Find a way to give them value. This has got to be the most effective way of getting a response back from people. See how you can help them or provide them some information in any way.

Networking is a skill and we all need it at some point to get ahead in our lives and professional careers. Just take care you don’t misuse it and lose out of the many benefits it has to offer.


That unseen force that holds you back from attempting everything you have been dreaming of, that puts fear in the hearts of even the bravest of men and causes them to constantly doubt and second guess themselves. That force is simply lack of self confidence.
Self-confidence is largely about how you present yourself to those around you. No one will realize your true potential and hidden capabilities if you do not present yourself as someone who has something valuable to offer. Now imagine this scenario: two people are invited for an interview at the same company for an opening. Let’s call them Peter and Paul. They have the same years of experience and qualifications. At the end of the rigorous interview sessions, Paul gets the job and Peter wonders why he lost out. It turns out Paul won the interview panel over with his self-confidence.
Let’s look at a few ways you can instantly boost your self confidence in every area of your life:

Image and grooming
We can all agree that though your qualifications and work ethics are at the top of what matters most to your employer; that does not give you an excuse to act, dress and behave like a recluse that just tumbled out of the woods. Make sure you are clean, well-groomed and comfortable in what you are wearing always.

You know that colleague, friend or family member that is always quick to tell you that you can’t do or achieve one positive thing or the other? Now would be a good time to cut them off or limit your interaction with them.

Your carriage immediately projects a positive or negative air. Slouch all the time and people tend to perceive you as sad, beaten down and depressing. Fidgeting, nail biting and walking around with your head down are just a few ways you may be unknowingly portraying yourself as a defeated individual. Always stand straight and tall.

Think positive and act it too
Worrying, fretting and imagining everything that could possibly go wrong will make whatever task you have at hand seem even heavier and harder to complete. This is especially true for events that are out of your direct control. Calm yourself with positive thoughts and remember that there is a lesson to be learnt in every experience.
Most of all, always remember to start your day with a smile.