FirePASS is a fire prevention and suppression system that works by limiting one of the components of combustion: Oxygen. It uses Hypoxic (oxygen reduction) technology to provide proactive and permanent fire protection.

The resulting air is breathable low oxygen air – no nitrogen injection. There is no damage by water, foam or extinguishing agents which is a major disadvantage of other firefighting and prevention equipment.




FirePASS FP-5000 to FP-20000

How it works

  • Ambient air is drawn into the hypoxic generator where it is purified and turned hypoxic (low oxygen level).
  • The entire room is ventilated with low oxygen air, inhibiting fire ignition.
  • Low oxygen air leaks from the room, thus completing the flow of air and ventilating the space.
  • A control unit monitoring the room with oxygen-sensors permanently ensures a stable and healthy low oxygen environment in the room.


Patented Hypoxic (low oxygen) Venting Technology


FirePASS is the inventor and patent holder of this unique Hypoxic Venting Technology, which assures you that you are using the original and safest system available on the market. This technology is protected by the United States Patents – US 5,799,652; 5,887,439; 6,314,754; 6,334,315; 6, 401,487; 6,418,752; 6,502,421; 6,557,374; 6,560,991; 7,207,392; 7,900,709; 7,931,733; US RE 40,065; 8,141,649; 8,736,712 as well as by the European Patents under EP 1 274 490 and other world patents.

Advantages of FirePASS® systems

  • Certainty of avoiding the outbreak and spread of fire
  • Retaining access to protected areas at any time
  • Proactive and permanent fire protection to secure business processes and valuable goods
  • Protecting multiple hazards with just one system
  • Fire protection without any interruption – no refilling or replacement needed
  • Absolute safety for human beings through using breathable air – no nitrogen injection
  • Environmentally friendly – no chemicals used
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Very small footprint and little building space needed
  • Scalable to any size of protected areas and number of protected compartments
  • No design limitations
  • No damages by fire, released water, foam or other extinguishing agents
  • No excessive piping, no nozzles, no pressurized cylinders, no leaking
  • No false discharges , no discharge failures, no loss of work time , no interruptions of working processes, no consequential costs
  • No disruption of working processes, no consequential costs, no closing of unusable areas due to fire damages, clean-up or repair

Fire Pass System Hypoxic (oxygen reduction) can be used in the following locations:

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