Energy cost accounts for about 50% of a facility’s operating expenditure. This implies that a significant part of facility management budget is expended on utility bill. It has become vitally important that organizations put measures in place to identify opportunities to reduce energy expense.

There should be great emphasis on reduction of greenhouse gas, sustainable practices, and energy security while keeping a focus on variations which occur in energy costs and deciding on appropriate energy mix.

For any organization to commence with the reduction of their energy use and cost; having a good understanding of their present energy consumption is essential

The first steps towards identifying and prioritizing energy reduction would be to carry out an energy audit. The observations from the audit will give guidance towards optimizing energy efficiency either by changing some practices and communicating to staff while a major resolution will be to replace or repair some equipment or the installation of entirely new equipment.

Identifying energy conservation technologies and retrofitting for energy conservation equipment should also be considered. An organization can further reduce energy consumption by assessing some of the factors below;

  • Identifying ways to conserve energy
  • Optimizing facility lighting
  • Utilizing their utility bills
  • Identifying ways to conserve water
  • Strategically placing your equipment to save electricity
  • A comprehensive facility condition assessment

At Max-Migold Limited, we monitor closely the most recent processes and technologies as they are introduced to the market and evaluate thoroughly ways in which these technologies can be implemented to reduce facility energy costs.

We provide customers with a comprehensive set of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and distributed generation measures. We help organizations reduce their energy bill by assessing their energy consumption and proposing equipment that will reduce energy.

Our Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) is accompanied by a list of cost-effective measures that can be undertaken to improve the energy efficiency of the building, and the estimated cost savings for heating, lighting and hot water that can be made by following each of the measures recommended.

EPC identifies ways to reduce energy and water consumption, leading to lower utility bills and reduced CO2 emissions. We provide organizations with optimum energy efficiency solutions and guidelines on how to optimize their energy efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Is your energy cost hitting your bottom line? Is your facility energy consumption going overboard? Have you considered optimizing your energy efficiency? Can you imagine the savings that abound from it?

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