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Max-Migold Limited

Max Migold Ltd is a physical facilities advisory, training, inspections and technology solutions firm targeting a niche clientele of Multi-national and Nigerian organizations who yearn for best value creation, cost optimization, sustainability, and human capital development. We provide practical results-oriented consulting and training that translate into immediate economic, social and environmental bottom line earnings for our clients.

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To be the premier physical facility research and development firm in Nigeria, and the ultimate source of expert localized global best-practices for maintainability and sustainability.



We will create value for all stakeholders in the physical facilities value chain by harnessing and disseminating transformative technical and managerial know-how for the cost effective and sustainable management of buildings.



  • S=Sustainability
  • C=Customer centric
  • R=Reliability
  • I=Integrity
  • P=Positivity
  • T=Technology

Our Services

We deliver substantial cost reduction in several areas of physical facility management through operations processes review, outsourced contracts initiation and reviews, vendor sourcing, prequalification and selection, value-based bidding and negotiations.

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Next to human resources costs, physical facilities assets are the most expense heavy items for most organizations. Our innovative asset management tools will ensure maximum value is derived from your assets.

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We have over 30 fully developed facility management training modules, complete with presentations slides, reading textbooks, case studies and reference materials, which deliver practical skills to corporate real estate, facility management and property management teams as well as individual professionals.

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We provide hardware and software, hosted and licensed technology solutions such as CMMS, BMS, BIM, Fire safety, etc. for sustainable and effective management of large portfolios of real estate assets.

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We at Finicky Clean celebrate you on this very special occasion. You have been at the vanguard of Facilities Management in Nigeria, ensuring the profession is recognised and well equipped with the required manpower. Your passion for excellence and value creation is evidenced in the quality of Facilities Managers you have been training. Your trainees had excelled in all ramifications, defied all odds and redefined the concept of property management. As a doyen of Facilities Management, we say a big, happy work anniversary to you. God bless you Sir.

Are you looking for a way to advance your career in facility management or considering a new career path in facility management? Max-Migold Nigeria is organizing a 3-day FM Masterclass Course to equip you with the practical skills, tools and templates required for world-class facility management in the 21st century…View More

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